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Welcome to The Far North pt 2


I’ve always held a small catalyst in regards to the music I write, my default setting as a songwriter has always been acoustically quiet, almost hymnal music that I write just for me. They are gently ushered into two separate columns with seemingly next to no disparity, songs for The Fireflys and songs for me. Now I understand that sounds a little absurd considering I was The Fireflys and I had the final say on every song we recorded and played live, with almost next to no resistance from other band members, after all in all the years the band existed,no one ever presented a song for us to work on, a set of lyrics or an idea, as practice was routinely pleasant and everyone seemed on the same page and were happy to await whatever music I had written. There was one exception to this in mid 2016 as our rhythm player Phil Conway sent me a few tracks that he had recorded and wanted me to put lyrics to, I would have acquiesced too however, with us gearing up to record our new album (The criminally shelved Only Us, Northern Lights) I felt that we had 20 of songs to cull from and we didn’t need any more, although in hindsight I wish we could have jammed Phil’s compositions.

The songs I regard as “me” songs are much more honest and tender, more inward facing and direct. A lot of the Fireflys songs were written in the third person, often about someone else’s view and the troubles they may or may not be facing. It was an easy way out as a writer and if ever challenged about the subject matter I could simply say it’s a story or that its not me. My songs are often about me apart from a small number of them but largely they’re about the love and losses of me personally, and fortunately I had been stock piling this more direct version of my songwriting for the best part of 10 years.

Fast forward to June 2019 and I received a call from Nigel that was to set the wheels in motion for what was to be the dissolution of the Fireflys. Nigel asked me if I had any songs that were in a more acoustic vein, songs that would sit under the “UK Americana/Alt-Folk/Country” banner as he is widely known as a producer who’s work encompasses these particular genres. My answer was a resounding yes. A fucking hell yes actually.

The saga will continue.

Thanks for listening.

Lee Wylding
Runcorn, England.