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Welcome to The Far North pt 1


It was never my intention to have a side project, and I certainly didn’t ever think if I had one that it’d be my main focus and in turn make The Fireflys my side band. I always thought The Fireflys would be the only band I’d ever be in, my thirst for success in that band was unquenchable, the fire would simply not go out, it was a burgeoning desire but despite 24 separate musicians being in the band over the course of the last 13 years, I always thought we had what it took to quintessentially leave our mark, and in my head, if not a little myopic, we did but in reality we were always half way there, a bastion of half boiled indie credibility, we were also-rans, the bridesmaids, journeymen & women, entrenched in an omnipresent wilderness, and never was it for my personal cupidity, however had this new opportunity not arisen then I would still be pushing that band to whoever would listen, unaware of any kind of watershed, and as it turns out, for a start half a million listeners isn’t to be scoffed at.

But I digress, that’s in the past and I’m far more excited in what’s been happening over the course of the last 6 months, in short - I’ve been GALVANISED.

In October of 2018 The Fireflys played the annual Words & Music festival in Nantwich, curated by well known UK based producer Nigel Stonier, it was down to his kindness that we were allowed a spot on the festival. After the show I chatted to Nigel and his wife - the incredibly gifted and talented singer songwriter Thea Gilmore, who is also a curator and director of the very prestigious festival - and they both told me how much they enjoyed the gig. It was such a big moment in my life just to be in the presence of such revered and respected musicians so as Nigel’s parting words were “I’ll be in touch” my grin widened as I helped load all our gear into the car.

More next time.

Thanks for listening.

Lee Wylding
Runcorn, England.