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Song Diary - When We Were Young


I wrote this around the same time as Branches and was immediately impressed by the new songwriting vein I had somehow tapped into. I drove past the street were I used to live on Castner Avenue in my hometown of Runcorn. I was overcome by a really abject feeling of nostalgia, but definitely bittersweet. My childhood was at times full of love and warmth from my Mother. But also My stepdad who was cold and distant and I just couldn’t bring myself to respect or tolerate hom as he was aggressive, intimidating but ultimately narrow minded and petty.

I sat and wrote the song in around 20 minutes and consciously decided not to write a second set of lyrics for verse two as I felt like I wanted to send the listener back to the start to experience the folly of youth again as things are often over too quickly, and this is the only song I’ve ever written that does this, Noel Gallagher also used this technique on Oasis’s first two albums, namely the tracks "Rock N’ Roll Star", "Columbia" and "Roll With It" - although he has since admitted that he couldn’t be bothered writing the second verse!

I love the sound of the Leslie on this track, Adrian really nailed the part and it was definitely what the song needed. I like the simplicity of this song, its just 4 minutes of major chords coupled with uplifting lyrics, the main reason we’re so strong is because of the amount of heartache we’ve all faced in our lives, we can cope, we have no choice but to cope in the face of adversity.