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Song Diary - This House is Ours


Another incredibly well received Fireflys song that was ripe for reinvention, like "Runaway". In the Summer of 2017 Andie and I had just flown to Spain to enjoy a nice week in Barcelona, however after 2 days my mother rang saying my cat Buddy had suffered some kind of collapse, horrified we booked the next flight home and were greeted by the news that he had a kidney disease and only had about 6 weeks left to live.

I was absolutely devastated and although he was 12 and getting on a little I felt especially aggrieved because he was a house cat, safe in the confines of our home and I expected him to live to an even grander older age than 12 but alas, life doesn’t always give us what we want so all we could do was keep him comfortable, feed him a renal diet and take him for weekly tests at our local vets to perhaps aid his recovery. One warm Wednesday afternoon I was sat with him, stroking his head as he fell into a little doze, I kissed him and gently walked over to the couch and picked up my guitar.

I’d never attempted to write a song in the shape of a jaunty folk piece, however that’s the pattern that I strummed without thinking. The lyrics "Shipwrecked on this land so far from what ours, I see what’s left of our own sunken hearts" was when we were nervously about to board the flight home, my mind racing about the state Buddy was in, so frustrated that I couldn’t just click my fingers and be there, I felt hopeless and sad. The song peals along to lots of the things in my life that I cant control but can still feel sad about but in my own way - the chorus leads me back to the love I have in my life and focusing on the positive far outweighs the annoyance of focusing on the negatives. Nigel’s production is really something on this track and he has really taken it somewhere new, whilst retaining the heart of what makes it such a special song in my canon. It’s Summer and Winter, pleasure and pain, Sweet and Sour both in equal measure and will always remind me of that painful 6 weeks just before Buddy died. For me he lives on in the architecture of this lovely little song.